Mealstub was a creation of Cloudmanic Labs, a development company located in Portland. I connected with the head of Cloudmanic at a networking event, and he contacted me to do contract work for Cloudmanic. At that point, my web design work involved mostly brochure sites, landing pages, and ads. Cloudmanic would mark a career shift for me, into UI design for web applications, and the beginning of my user experience education.

Mealstub was created to capitalize on the rise of online coupon sites. We wanted to create something that not only provided a service to connect customers to businesses, but was also fun to use.


Working closely with Cloudmanic, we brainstormed around key concepts that we wanted the brand to convey. I began sketching ideas on a notepad, playing around with different concepts of the word "Mealstub". We wanted something that was playful, but instantly recognized for the service that it was. I played around quite a bit with incorporating a fork into the logo:

Mealstub logo ideas

We decided on the iteration that incorporated the fork as the letter M, and polished off the finished logo:

Mealstub final logo

Mealstub Pre-Launch Teaser

Being new to UX/UI design, I had not yet learned the process of wireframing. Working with Cloudmanic would help inspire me to later take a course in Human Computer Interaction, and formally learn the UX process. Instead, I jumped straight into high-fidelity Photoshop mockups of the various screens needed for the site:

Mealstub Landing Screens

After designing the pre- and post-launch landing screens, I moved on to the application itself. We needed screens to provide information about the company, user help, available deals, user sign ups, and checkout. These screems showed all of the possible states and messages that the user could encounter.

Mealstub Application Screens


Mealstub never made it to launch. While in development, a competitor became aware of what we were building, and purchased Mealstub, before it could get off of the ground. The ideas we created with Mealstub were largely incorporated into their product, Forkfly.